To continue to give your pet gold standard care we are able to have relationships with with specialist that visit us weekly.

Dr. Trafny

Howard Beach Animal Clinic is proud to offer echocardiography services with our board-certified veterinary cardiologist Dr. Trafny. An echocardiogram is an important diagnostic tool used to evaluate the structure and function of your pet’s heart, providing you and your veterinarian with valuable insight into your pet’s overall cardiac health.

Our team takes a proactive approach to your pet’s well-being and works closely with Dr. Trafny to detect any signs of cardiac disease early on in order to implement the best possible treatment plan for them. Please contact Howard Beach Animal Clinic to learn more about our echocardiography services and Dr. Trafny’s expertise in veterinary cardiology.

Dr. Leleonnec

Dr. Leleonnec has been specializing in ultrasonography and diagnostic imaging for over 25 years. Ultrasounds can help identify potential issues and allows for early treatment of any underlying conditions that may arise with your animal companion. With the use of the latest state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques, it ensures precise care and peace of mind when it comes to your pet’s health. From screening checkups to diagnosing complex disease processes his ultrasounds are precise and reliable, allowing our team to accurately pinpoint any abnormalities or underlying conditions that require attention maximizing their quality of life.

Dr. Cherrone

At Howard Beach Animal Clinic, Dr. Cherrone is our board-certified veterinary surgeon who specializes in orthopedic surgery, fracture repair and other advanced soft tissue procedures. Her advanced surgical techniques and years of experience provide the best possible outcome for your pet during these procedures. With Howard Beach Animal Clinic’s experienced team, you can be sure that your pet will receive the highest quality of care. Please contact Howard Beach Animal Clinic to learn more about our surgical services and Dr. Cherrone’s expertise in veterinary surgery.

Kate Lesala

Howard Beach Animal Clinic is proud to have Kate LaSala, certified behaviorist, on our team. With her credentials as a Behavior Consultant Canine Knowledge Assessed & Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer and more. Kate brings a wealth of expertise to our furry friends’ issues. To find out more about how Kate LaSala can help you and your companion animal, visit rescuedbytraining.com today!

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Emergency Care

We also offer emergency surgery as well as critical care. Please attempt to call ahead in case of an emergency to alert us to the situation and allow us to prepare.

Please call us at ASAP if you have a daytime emergency, and we will do our best to help you through this frightening and stressful time.

Howard Beach Animal Clinic is located in Queens, NY.