Pediatric Care

We are here to help your pet with acute or chronic medical problems. We will help you understand the nature of the disease and provide the care that is needed. We will always do all that we can to keep your pet by your side. Our team of veterinarians and technicians are here to handle all sorts of medical cases, from routine check-ups to providing treatments for more serious illness. We understand the importance of your pet’s health and will always strive to provide the best possible care available. As a part of our commitment to you and your pet, we also offer preventive care

Our staff understands the challenges and concerns of different life stages. Pediatric medicine focuses on early recognition of congenital issues, establishing ideal health practices, creating positive social skills, and promoting a strong family and pet relationship.

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Emergency Care

We also offer emergency surgery as well as critical care. Please attempt to call ahead in case of an emergency to alert us to the situation and allow us to prepare.

Please call us at ASAP if you have a daytime emergency, and we will do our best to help you through this frightening and stressful time.

Howard Beach Animal Clinic is located in Queens, NY.